Man creates intricate artworks out of leaves

Yep, that’s Harry Potter and Hagrid in leaf form (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)

Autumn leaves are fun to kick around or snap for Instagram, but beyond that, we really don’t pay them much mind.

Maybe we should give fallen leaves another look, though, because, as Kanat Nurtazin shows, they can be turned into stunning artworks.

Kanat, 29, picks up fallen leaves and cuts in detailed designs with a sharp razor.

He has been doing this since 2013, and reckons he has created around 500 leaf artworks.

His designs include everything from Disney characters to a stairway to a starry night sky.

Kanat, from Kazakhstan, said: ‘I was searching for work and I started experimenting with different things: writing poems, creating music and I stopped on drawing.’

Kanat Nurtazin carefully cuts designs into fallen leaves using a razor (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)
The leaf cuttings are part of a project called 100 methods of drawing (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)

He had seen cutouts on paper before, and returning home in autumn when there were plenty of leaves on the ground, he decided to use them instead of paper.

Kanat, a senior manager at Nazarbayev University, added: ‘I was a self taught artist and it was interesting to me to use different materials.’

His leaf art is a part of a project he calls his 100 methods of drawing, which experiments with different techniques.

The delicate designs are immensely impressive (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)
Kanat’s work has caught the attention of Nickelodeon and Disney (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)

He currently has almost 70 methods, including using fluorescent tape and coffee packets, to show that anything can be art.

Kanat began posting the photos of his cuttings on Instagram, and soon he found a bunch of fans.

He has even contacted by Nickelodeon and Disney to help create content for them.

Dobby as a leaf cutting (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)
Kanat shows that anything can be used to make art (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)

Kanat said that he still does the art mainly as a hobby, but he will sometimes auction off his leaves for charity.

‘Art for me is something to transfer yourself to another place, to be alone with your feelings and thoughts,’ he said.

Hi, Lilo and Stitch (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)
Stunning (Picture: Kanat Nurtazin / SWNS)

‘It’s just a place where I can be myself and share my ideas.

‘Some of my works are touching social problems and I try to express myself with the help of art.’

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