Man asks woman to be girlfriend with epic 252-piece puzzle

That’s one way to go official (Picture: Amari McGee)

There are wedding proposals and promposals, so of course there are relationship-proposals.

One man who wanted to ask his partner if she would be his official girlfriend, did so in spectacular fashion.

Amari McGee, a DJ, activist, and model, asked his now girlfriend Akilia Robinson if she wanted to officially be in a relationship with a puzzle.

The 22-year-old from Atalanta bought a custom-made puzzle from Walgreens, which when completed formed a picture of the happy couple.

Alongside the photo were the words ‘will you be my girlfriend?’, accompanied by a sweet message.

Seeing as we’re in a pandemic, Amari and Akilia were not in the same room while she completed the puzzle.

Amari guided Akilia over FaceTime, explaining that all the pieces would make sense at the end.

The gesture was shared on Twitter, where it was liked more than 200,000 times.

It took Akilia six hours to complete (Picture: Amari McGee)

Amari told us that Akilia loves puzzles and this was the best way to ask her to become official.

It took Akilia six hours to complete the puzzle and, thankfully, she said yes to the question.

Amari told ‘I honestly thought of the idea out of the blue. I wanted to ask her in a special way, but couldn’t find a way I liked.

‘So, I did some research and I remember buying a gift for my best friend years ago from Walgreens and she loved it.

‘So I went back onto the website and saw that they were creating puzzles. My girlfriend loves puzzles so it was the perfect idea.

‘I created the image with a website called Canva. Then I uploaded it to the Walgreens’ website to be created into a puzzle format.

‘It was a spur of the moment idea that went viral.

‘My girlfriend loved the puzzle! She loved every minute of putting it together. She decided that she’s going to frame it now to keep for the future.’

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