Majority of students ‘well looked-after’ during self-isolation says UniversitiesUK president

The majority of university students are being “looked after extremely well” during local lockdown measures, according to the president of UniversitiesUK. 

Thousands of students have been told to self-isolate following coronavirus outbreaks in halls and campuses since terms started.

When asked if students have been well-supported and about reports some had been left worried about whether they could get food or do exercise , the UniversitiesUK president told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I am sure there are cases where things haven’t gone quite as well as we would have hoped.”

Professor Julia Buckingham added: “But I am confident that the vast majority of students are being very, very well supported by their university.”

Clusters of coronavirus cases have been reported at universities across the UK, with thousands being told to self-isolate in halls as a result.  

Northumbria University said on Friday 770 students had tested positive and were self-isolating.

The president of UniversitiesUK – which represents more than 100 institutions – told the Today programme: “It is of course necessary for students to self-isolate in some conditions and what we are doing is to make sure they are being well supported.

Students have been told to self-isolate at Northumbria University(Getty Images)

She claimed many universities were providing “far more mental health support” than usual. “We are enabling food, laundry, financial support and medicine to be delivered to students,” she added.

Images have shown students crafting messages on their windows, including “9k well spent” and “Locked up! Thanks”. 

Hundreds of coronavirus cases have also been reported at the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester, while hundreds were told to self-isolate at Glasgow University last month after 124 tested positive. 

Additional reporting by Press Association


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