Major change for drivers as road fine set to be increased to £160 – red route rules explained

A MAJOR change to road fines means drivers in London will pay £160 up from £130 if they break red rules.

The routes are managed by Transport for London and have their own special rules to keep traffic on the busier London roads to a minimum.

A nearly 25% price jump in PCN's on London's red routes is coming on January 17, 2022


A nearly 25% price jump in PCN’s on London’s red routes is coming on January 17, 2022Credit: Alamy

The price increase is set to be effective from January 17, 2022.

On red routes, the TfL can fined drivers for a number of road traffic offences including stopping in yellow box junctions, parking on the side of the road and making a U-turn.

The increase of nearly 25% was brought forward due to the TfL claiming it will be a “more effective deterrent” after 2016-2019 saw an increase of 26% in penalty charge notices (PCNs) given out.

65% of the people that responded to a TfL consultation were opposed to the increase but despite this, Sadiq Khan signed a proposal on December 8, 2021, to put forward the increased charge.

The AA doesn’t believe there is an justification to the rise.

Edmund King, the AA’s president said: There is no justification for increasing Penalty Charge Notice (fines) amounts, a view endorsed by nearly two thirds (65%) of respondents to the consultation.”

“The AA fully accepts the need for fair and effective road traffic enforcement to deter selfish and illegal driving that impedes other road users.”

“However, enforcement needs to be fair, proportionate and allow discretion while creating a deterrent.”

What are the red route rules?

London’s red routes are the cities main and most congested roads.

They are clearly marked by the lines on the road being red instead of the typical yellow.

They only make up 5% of the total road length in London but these selected roads have over 30% of London’s traffic.

Along the red routes, there are signs signalling what you can and can’t do while travelling along those roads.

The TfL monitors parking and loading, yellow box junctions, banned turns and bus lanes on the red routes.

With the fine increasing to £160, it will lower to £80 if paid in 14 days.

If the payment is made after 28 days then it goes up 50% to £240.

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