'Magical time of year as special smell fills air – the stench of utter Tory hypocrisy'

Once again, it’s a case of Do As I Say Not As I Do from this hideously corrupt bunch of Tories – at least Matt Hancock resigned when he was caught breaking Covid rules

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Johnson responds to accusations of 2020 Tory Christmas party

It’s that magical time of year, and there’s a special smell in the air. Mince pies baking? Mulled wine simmering? Nope, it’s the stench of utter hypocrisy… yet again.

It takes quite something to make Matt Hancock look good – and he still doesn’t, but at least he resigned when caught breaking Covid rules. Boris Johnson instead appears to be adopting the approach of frenemy Dominic Cummings. He and his staff only attended crowded parties during lockdown to test their eyesight, presumably.

We all tried to make the best of it, and hark back to Blitz Spirit and the like, but Christmas 2020 was terrible. At best. At worst it was devastating, and tragic, because many were robbed of sharing a loved one’s last ever festive season. That the restrictions were necessary didn’t make them any less painful or easier to endure.

The only thing that made the depressing damp squib of a yuletide in any way bearable was the knowledge that we were all in the same boat.

So to find out now that a select few REDACT 40 or 50 were in fact enjoying Christmas perks like packed parties featuring festive quizzes and enough booze to make a festive quiz seem fun is just too much. Brings a whole new meaning to the term Secret Santa, doesn’t it?

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Once again, it’s a case of Do As I Say Not As I Do from this hideously corrupt bunch, who do not deny that these parties took place, but insist that “rules were followed.” Something of a contradiction in terms seeing as the rules literally were that these parties could not take place.

Just like when the Johnsons were caught having an overnight guest during the peak of lockdown last Christmas, presumably the Prime Minister now considers this matter closed. Remember, he only begs for forgiveness when he loses his place in a speech about Peppa Pig.

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