MAGIC Bodyfashion Is Taking Major Steps Towards A More Sustainable Future

Sustainability has grown into an integral part of MAGIC Bodyfashion’s vision, where environmental efforts are placed at the forefront of MAGIC’s actions. At the start of 2021, MAGIC Bodyfashion announced the implementation of a new objective which aims to achieve 80% sustainable business by 2025. As of today, MAGIC is pleased to announce the first major step that will contribute towards this goal. Starting from 2022, all new collections released by MAGIC Bodyfashion will be sustainable.

The first sustainability initiatives by MAGIC Bodyfashion started in 2018 with the first sustainable collection launched. Later followed by the now well-known MAGIC Cares program that focuses on environmental, social, and economic initiatives. One of the underlying incentives in the MAGIC Cares program is aimed at improving MAGIC’s product range by increasing the use of eco-friendly materials.

Beeld: MAGIC Bodyfashion

Over the last two years, MAGIC Bodyfashion have released up to five sustainable collections all within different product categories. Currently the sustainable assortment contains the Body-Hugging Bamboo, Cozy Organics, Recycled Mesh, REPREVE and the Dream Organics collection. From 2022 on, all new collections released by MAGIC Bodyfashion will be made from sustainable materials including: recycled polyamide, plant-based modal textile, Tanboocel™ Bamboo fibers and more!

It goes without saying that all of this would not be possible without the growing support that MAGIC Bodyfashion has received from the outside community and the loyalty from customers across the globe. The admiration of MAGIC’s sustainable collections is what keeps the company on track in the right direction. MAGIC Bodyfashion is beyond excited to see customers joining the sustainable movement!

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