Maggie Lindemann arrested in Malaysia

Culture and society

Written for those still living in India, or missing it, these books help understand daily life in colonial times.
By the 1880s, curry symbolised how different parts of the Empire were intertwined, as tastes and palates adapted to new lands and new requirements.
Colonial culinary innovations, especially the curried dishes, ensured meals were the long drawn and leisurely events that they had become in the 19th century, thanks to the wide use of gaslight and the ubiquitous presence of servants ready to serve every course, especially in the colonial outposts.
Also, these recipes and the spices that were integral to them helped make certain foods, such as the coarser and “inferior” meats of the east, more palatable, and ensured their preservation.
Besides curry, other colonial culinary adaptations included the mulligatawny soup (originally pepper wat


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