Love Island's Zara McDermott admits to facial fillers to fix 'lopsided chin'

Zara McDermott has admitted to getting facial fillers on her jawline after becoming concerned it gave her a ‘lopsided’ appearance.

The Love Island star made the reveal on Instagram by sharing pictures of her face before and after the procedure.

21-year-old Zara said she’d wanted to stay looking natural as possible but was bothered by an imperfection on her chin.

Speaking as she recovered from the treatment, Zara said: “It’s changed my face so much it’s so symmetrical now.

“I’m not going to lie it was a little bit painful but it was numbed and everything and it was fine after,” she added – showing off her cosmetically enhanced features.

The Love Island star took drastic action after being upset by her ‘double chin’

She said her face looked ‘lopsided’

Zara showed off her new jawline

Zara before the procedure

The reality star then advised fans “To give it a go. I’ve never been one for fillers and I don’t have anything else done,” she added.

She then showed off her still healing face which she said was still a little ‘swollen’ and ‘bumpy’ but she was hopeful it would go down in a week.

Zara is currently taking a break from her work commitments as she joins boyfriend Adam Collard on a romantic trip to Miami.

She’s still recovering

After leaving the villa, Zara opened up about her body insecurities after being trolled by fans.

She told how she’d been bombarded by “thousands of disgusting comments” urging her to have a boob job.

She admitted hurtful remarks from trolls “wear people down to the point of no return”.

Zara took to Instagram to blast the “bullying” after sharing a snap of herself in a tight bikini on a family holiday with Adam in Bulgaria.

Fans accused Zara of heavily editing her photographs

Fans thought she looked different in real life to her Instagram pics

One troll posted: “Looks like she smooshed her t*ts together for the pic.

“Why not just get a boob job to go with all the other plastic?”

Zara replied: “A disgusting thing to say. Why wish surgery on someone?

“I haven’t got any other ‘plastic’ in my body by the way.”

She added: “If there is something I will never be able to accept about this industry, it’s the hate people give out. People wonder why things such as anxiety and depression exist. This is the reason.

“Luckily, I’m strong enough not to cave in and get the surgery.”


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