Love Island's Chris Taylor finally tells all on Maura Higgins dating rumours

Love Island star Chris Taylor has finally addressed the rumours that he’s found a romantic spark with co-star Maura Higgins.

The pair were thought to have struck up a romance as lockdown measures were eased and they were able to see more of each other.

Both starring in Love Island 2019, Chris coupled up with Harley Brash and Maura with Curtis Pritchard.

Chris and Harley called it quits not long after the show, while Maura and Curtis dated for eight months, confirming their split in March this year.

Maura and Chris were recently spotted spending more time together, and even performed TikTok videos together.

Chris and Maura were rumoured to be dating – which both of them have now denied

A bunch of fans were covinced the two were an item, Chris now addressing the rumours after weeks of speculation.

Maura has previously denied the reports.

Chatting to Vicky Pattison on her The Secret To podcast, he was asked if there was anything behind the rumours.

“No,” Chris bluntly replied, “no, we’re not.”

Chris got together with Harley Brash in the villa, before they went their separate ways shortly after the show

Maura and Curtis confirmed their split earlier this year

Vicky wasn’t having it, telling Chris he and Maura would make the “best couple.”

“Yeah, potentially,” he admitted, “We’ve never really thought about it like that, we’re just super close mates.

“We care about each other, we look out for each other, we basically bully each other.”

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The mates have been creating TikTok videos together

He added: “I don’t think we ever say anything nice to each other’s faces, but that’s our banter. She’s Irish and it’s the Irish banter and that’s my kind of banter.

“If you were around us together you’d think, ‘these two f**king hate each other’, we don’t.

“We like each other and the thing is, it’s never been something that’s crossed our minds and it wouldn’t happen for the fact that we don’t want to ruin our friendship.

Maura made it to the final in 2019

Chris and Maura starred on the same series

“We don’t see each other that way. We’re platonic, as they say, platonic friends.”

Vicky joked that their babies would be “stunning”, laughing: “The genetic potential there is stupid.”

“Yeah, alright it’s good to get your opinion on it, Vick,” Chris chuckled, “I didn’t think you’d hold back…not in your nature, is it?”

Maura’s rep has addressed the rumours before, telling Mirror Online: “Maura and Chris Taylor’s friendship is simply platonic.”



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