Lorraine Kelly wants Ru Paul's Drag Race UK song to be Eurovision entry

Lorraine Kelly has joined the campaign to get Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK song with fellow Scot Lawrence Chaney as this year’s Eurovision entry.

The morning telly show presenter who was recently a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK couldn’t hold back her excitement after hearing the song by United King Dolls.

And she admitted she could’t get the ‘bing bang bong’ lyrics out of her head as she urged Eurovision bosses to take note.

After Scot Lawrence Chaney, who features on the UK Hun song, wrote ‘bing bang bong’ on social media, Lorraine replied: ‘I hear you – and I cannot get your song out of my head! It HAS to be our Eurovision entry this year or what’s the point !!!”

Lorraine was a judge on this week’s show

Lorraine is not the only one who thinks the song should be entered for the Eurovision as The Official Charts Company said the song was hitting the right note with fans and is currently at number 25 in the chart.

They wrote: The campaign for this to be the UK’s actual Eurovision entry starts now…”

The United Kingdolls – made up of Tayce, Bimini Bon-Boulash, Lawrence Chaney and A’Whora – were awarded douze points from the judges on Drag Race UK for their version of the song which has received some rave reviews.

Fans are also demanding that the quirky song is considered for this year’s contest which takes place in Rotterdam this May and even want to start a petition – with one saying: “ We need a petition to get UKD to represent UK in the Eurovision Song Contest NOW.”

The song is on course for this week’s Official UK Chart Top 40 – and is currently at Number 25 on the latest Official Singles Chart update.

Some fans have become very excited at the prospect of seeing their favourite drag race stars merge with the campness of Eurovision.

One fan commented: “If Todrick Hall can make “bring back my girls” happen I don’t see why we can’t make UK Hun this year’s actual Eurovision entry. Wouldn’t that be joyous?”

The United Kingdolls won the challenge

Another threatened: “If they don’t have united kingdolls singing at eurovision i will go f***ing ape s***”

While another enthused: “Right, who do I speak to to have the United King Dolls in Eurovision?? Quite possibly the BEST Drag Race bop EVER!!! CLAP FOR THE BING BANG BONG!!”

And another reasoned: “Send this to Eurovision, you cowards! If the UK are going to continue to be relegated to the bottom of the pile, I’d rather we just had a laugh and send the United Kingdolls. What you sayin’,”

Not everyone however felt quite as inspired by the catchy tune.

One said: Fans want United King Dolls to represent UK at Eurovision. I liked the song but it’s full of auto tune and they can’t sing live. It would come last and then the same people would riot saying Europe hates us. No it’s cause the song is not good enough.”

Someone else complained: “No this is why we do badly is because we have completely the wrong idea of Eurovision in this country! If we want to do well at need to send a credible act with a good song!! Novelty rarely does well and when novelty does well (it rarely does) it tends to be a very strong song,”

And another added: ‘By the way UK Hun would get us dead last at Eurovision. It would reiterate that we take the contest as a joke. If you really want the UK to do well you wouldn’t want them or anyone drag race related to represent us.”

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