Lorraine Kelly 'doesn't care' if anti-vax critics don't like her pro-vaccine stance

Lorraine Kelly has hit out at trolls on her ITV show this morning after critics were unhappy about her pro-vaccine stance.

During a segment discussing the Novak Djokovic vaccine row in Australia with Dr Hilary, the 62-year-old presenter slammed anti-vax trolls.

The host went on, telling them she doesn’t care if they are critical of her pro-vaccine views.

Lorraine’s ITV show has previously been hit with thousands of Ofcom complaints following coronavirus vaccine discussions on her show, but hasn’t backed down and said she’s not scared by these trolls.

However, Dr Hilary stressed: “Vaccination has allowed this to be possible.

Lorraine slammed her critics as trolls on today's show
Lorraine slammed her critics as trolls on today’s show

“We know the booster is keeping people out of hospital, protection after the third jab is three months and is still 90 percent protection against being hospitalised and 30 percent against mild infection.

“But the main thing is to get your first and second dose.”

“You know every time we say this, we get trolled,” said Lorraine.

She sent a firm message to her critics saying: “I don’t care, I really don’t – we have to be safe.”

Lorraine viewers SHOOK as 'snake hips' Dr Hilary shows off hoola-hooping skills
Lorraine viewers SHOOK as ‘snake hips’ Dr Hilary shows off hoola-hooping skills

Viewers of Lorraine had mixed feelings on the vaccine comments again as the host anticipated.

One user ranted: “Just because someone’s opinion differs to yours #lorraine does not make them a troll. You are very intolerant and judgemental. Very off putting for viewers.”

“Its ok talking about having to live with covid,”when you’re not Immunocompromised”! We’ve been condemned to,at best,a life of hermits. Why are we never mentioned in these decisions? #lorraine,” said another.

Another frustrated viewer said: ” #lorraine do me a favour, One rule for the rich and one rule for everyone else. Is it The actress Lorraine or the real Lorraine for HMRC purposes- has gone and pulled that line out of her backside ? Is she having a laugh. Or is this the real Lorraine on tv now, we have no idea”

Lorraine was recently hit with more than 3,000 Ofcom complaints after viewers called out Dr Hilary for claiming 90 percent of those taking up hospital beds with Covid are unvaccinated.

Ofcom previously confirmed it was ‘assessing’ complaints made against the programme.

“We are assessing the complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate”, an Ofcom spokesperson told Metro.co.uk.

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