'Longer Hancock & PM run from truth, more they prolong bereaved families agony'

Whether or not Dominic Cummings’ evidence is reliable there is one fact the Government cannot dismiss.

At the height of the first wave of Covid thousands of patients were released from hospitals into care homes without being tested.

As a result of this unforgivable decision an estimated 20,000 people lost their lives.

It is difficult to comprehend the anguish and heartache this must have caused. Places of care and comfort were turned into death traps.

The families who lost loved ones deserve to know why and who was responsible.

They deserve to know if the lives of their nearest and dearest could have been saved.

When questioned today, Matt Hancock offered a blanket dismissal of Cummings’ allegations but refused to address specific claims.

The longer the Heath Secretary and the Prime Minister run from the truth, the more they prolong the agony of bereaved families.

Tackle trolls

The pattern has become sickeningly familiar. After almost every sporting event black players are subject to a torrent of racist abuse online.

The vile trolls were out in force again on Wednesday night, targeting their hatred towards Marcus Rashford following Manchester United’s defeat to Villareal.

The time for excuses is over.

When this paper asked Twitter about its policies on tackling hatred it claimed “abuse and harassment have no place on our service”.

Why then are black sportsmen and pundits such as Rashford, Thierry Henry and Ian Wright still receiving such horrific messages?

The social media firms could act now.

The fact they don’t shows how seriously they really take this issue.

Bank on sun

For once the weather gods are being kind. Not only is it a Bank Holiday, the forecast is for sunshine.

After a miserable winter in lockdown, it is the least a sun-starved country deserves.


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