Long Hair for Spring 2020: The Trends Your Hairdressers Actually Want You to See

Long Hair for Spring 2020: The Trends Your Hairdressers Actually Want You to See

Nobody knows style better than hairdressers, Covent Garden’s own have given us the tea on which styles are sure to be fire this spring.

If you’ve got those long, luxurious locks, but are looking for a way to bring them back on trend, you’re in luck. The top hairdressers Covent Garden from Charles Worthington Salons have given us a sneak peek into which styles are bursting to hit the mainstream this spring.

For the last few years, long hair hasn’t exactly been the top priority in fashion, but this spring it’s due to come back in a big way. Which means that all of us that love our long ‘dos can breathe a big sigh of relief and step back from the scissors. 2020 is poised to be the year of the throwback, with trends pulled straight out of the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s refreshed with hip & modern colours, accessories, and texture.

Thanks to fashion week back in November, we’ve found ourselves in a too good to be true time warp of style. With simple fringe, perfectly placed layers, and oh-so-creamy colours, hair trends are finally going the distance. So what are those top trends for the long tressed lass? Take a peek and get excited for what’s blooming in fashion this Spring.

‘90s Braided Tendrils

Whether you can remember iconic women of the ‘90s like Jada Pickett Smith, or Alicia Keyes rocking the sassy braided tendril looks doesn’t matter. What’s really important is just how incredible these styles coincide with today’s fashion.

‘80s Messy Hair with Scrunchies

We don’t know about you, but we are absolutely rejoicing the return of the humble scrunchie. Fun, colourful, and comfortable, these accessories will definitely lift you up, without letting you down. An added bonus? The best hairdressers Covent Garden say that scrunchies are also much better at limiting damage to your hair that plain old hair ties.

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‘80s Hair Combs

These little guys are coming back in a big way. In spring of 2020, hair combs are getting a massive facelift and becoming major hairpieces. Adorned with larger than life flowers, crystals, or bits of fabric, these combs are becoming more wardrobe than hairpiece. 

‘90s Crystals

The swirly-whirly crystals a la 1998 are back in action! We truly couldn’t be more grateful. These accessories give an ethereal twist to just about any style, helping you to look like the glam goddess you are.

‘90s Double Messy Buns

We knew it would only be a matter of time until this style would come bouncing back onto the runway. Messy double buns are just as easy as they are whimsical and fun. This style lends itself perfectly to the bright and sweet holographic colours that are a must-have this May.

‘60s Shag

The shag is back and it brought some serious sass with it. Modernised with heaps of texture, salty waves, and extreme colour, this look fits perfectly with a longer coif. Hairdressers Covent Garden and beyond, are going mad for this killer style. Absolutely mad, baby.

70s Fringe

Longer fringe with a sleek and understated middle part are sure to help frame that cherub face you’re owning. Hairstylists are combining this come-hither mane with that extra textured ‘60s shag to create something totally new, and instantly desirable.

‘70s Rounded ‘Fro

For men and women alike, the picked out ‘Fro is back in town. Larger than life and with volume for days, this style never really went off trend. But in Spring 2020, you can expect to see it even more often.

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‘80s Slick Back

Simple, sleek, and ready to climb that corporate ladder, the slick backed style was stolen from the men of the ‘80s and given a gorgeously androgynous twist. So everyone can get their corporate power stance on strong and look fierce all day long.

‘60s Ponytail

Volume, class, texture, and rich colour- who doesn’t want in on these stunning vibes? Slay the casual way by adding that signature ‘60s spin on the regular old ponytail. Bit of bump and a fully covered elastic are a great way to style that shag and fringe cut.

And- The Rachael

With all these throwback styles on brand again, we have been less than patiently awaiting the infamous “Rachel” to grace our crowns once again. Shears and razors everywhere unite as this perfectly layered bob, with just the right amount of volume reigns Queen once again.

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