Logan Paul refunded $3.5million after discovering Pokemon cards were fake

YouTube star Paul, who has fought in the boxing ring, has received every penny of his money back from the collector who unknowingly sold him $3.5 million worth of Pokemon cards

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Logan Paul has now received a refund for the $3.5 million worth of collectible Pokemon cards he bought that were deemed fake.

The YouTube star has been a collector of the cards and has opened them on his podcast Impaulsive which has gone hand-in-hand with his boxing exploits.

He travelled to Chicago to have the cards authenticity checked for a second time by a representative from company BBCE, where he discovered they were fake.

However, he has been entirely reimbursed for his spending on the ‘rare’ collectibles by his vendor Bolillo Lajan San who himself was on the receiving end of the “fake cards”.

Lajan San declared on his Instagram : “Upon opening the first edition @bbcexchange authenticated Pokémon case, we noticed that the boxes inside looked off and Logan Paul and I are grateful to @rattlepokemon and the Pokémon community for exposing this fraudulent case now before it transacted any further.

Logan Paul discovered he spent $3.5million on fake Pokemon cards



“I have reimbursed Logan his 3.5 however we will see how quickly I am made whole from the sellers who brought it to me already authenticated in the coming days or if it turns into a drawn out scenario.”

The YouTube star has joined several other social media stars and content creators from the platform in opening boxes of the cards on live streams.

However his joy from receiving a trio of cards worth over $1 million was short lived after he came under question from site Poke Beach, along with YouTuber Rattle, called the cards into question.

Paul filmed the exchange with the verifier for his YouTube channel with the pair quickly noticing the faults with the collectible items.

“See how they’re curvy and puffy. They’re very light… they don’t look right,” the verifier said.

Paul then notices something wrong and says: “Why are they bending like that? What’s inside of them?”

“It’s fake, bro,” the verifier quickly declares.

The packs of cards were then opened to reveal a set of G.I. Joe cards.

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One of the authenticators then responds “We got duped” while another claims it is “the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokemon”.

Paul then returns to his hotel room and says: “I’m a super-positive person, bro, and I’m always the one to look on the bright side, and I’m trying, but this is so hard.

“I’m grateful for the things I have that are real now. Damn, bro, I just went from 11 first-edition boxes to five. We got f*****, end of story.”

Paul has recently put his YouTube exploits on hold while he focussed on his hugely successful boxing career which reached the pinnacle when he shared the ring with Floyd Mayweather in June.

This is expected to have earned him over $18 million alongside his other earnings which may have been a key reason for splashing the cash on the collectible cards.

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