Local elections 2021 – all you need to know as voters head to the polls

What you’ll need to bring in order to vote

In order to vote in the local elections, you need to register to vote.

The deadline for 2021 has passed, but you can still register to vote in upcoming elections.

You also need to check that you’re eligible to vote, which you can do if you’re:

  • 18 years old in England and Northern Ireland
  • 16 years old in Scottish Parliament and local elections (and other elections when you’re 18)
  • 16 years old in Welsh Parliament elections (and other elections when you’re 18)

You must also be registered at an address in the area you want to vote in, and not be legally excluded from voting.

You can vote if you’re a British citizen, as well as an EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen.

You can also vote if you’re a citizen of another country who is living in Scotland or Wales who has permission to stay in the UK, or does not need permission.

If you’re voting at a polling station, there are a few things you need to remember.

Firstly, you don’t need to bring your polling card, but it may help to speed up the process if you do.

If you live in England, Scotland or Wales you don’t need to bring your ID.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few changes you do need to be aware of.

In order to vote safely, you need to wear a face covering, unless exempt.

You are also encouraged to bring your own pen or pencil – but there will be clean ones available if you forget.

You’ll also be encouraged to use hand sanitiser when you arrive, and when you leave.

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