Lobbying watchdog chief says ‘not for one moment did I anticipate anything like Greensill’ – politics live

Jacob Rees-Mogg praised David Cameron as a “very successful prime minister” and warned against people rushing to make judgements.

SNP chief whip Owen Thompson said: “I’ve raised on previous occasions issues around transparency and we’ve seen again this week with the investigation now under way into lobbying actions of David Cameron and the circumstances surrounding the appointment of Lex Greensill as an adviser that there are clearly further challenges that still need to be addressed.

“Can (Mr Rees-Mogg) give a commitment to the House that he’ll ensure within his powers everything possible is done to ensure that any reviews undertaken will go far enough in order to call any questions of the effectiveness of existing legislation are taken full account of and that we put in place any necessary measures to ensure that such instances cannot and should not happen in the future?”

Mr Rees-Mogg responded: “Obviously committees of this House can make what inquiries that they wish and can set their own terms of reference. But I think it’s a mistake to rush to judgment, particularly in relation to David Cameron who was a very successful prime minister who succeeded in getting the nation’s finances back on order.

“And rushing to judgment is I think not a proper way for this House to operate. We need to have the reviews and consider them and that is what is happening.”


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