LO NEEL Capsule Collection

The new LO NEEL capsule Womenswear collection has been released. As a slow fashion brand, LO NEEL considers that most of the collection, except coats, will mix and match with the future capsule collection which is more summery.

We care about sustainability and style as well as items’ quality. All our fabrics are natural, non-animal, organic or made of recycled fibers. All embroidery pieces are handmade and made with love in our workshops. The whole brand is PETA certified and all the qualities are certified (as organic GOTS cotton and soya, FSC viscose certified Piñatex recycled certified, and upcycling Made in France and Made in Italy).

Our collection is inspired by a lot of things such as a healthy way of life, zero waste of water to preserve the planet and veganism, which is illustrated by our peacock identity. We are also very inspired by inner journeys as well as arts and cultures such as sharing music with people by travelling. This is why Alexandra David Néel remains our example as the first Parisian woman who explored Tibet in the 20th century. We are in constant search of organic innovating materials since we have respect as a requirement at every step. We are committed to producing the smallest possible impact on our planet.

The main colors of the collection are snow, silver, navy, charcoal, burgundy and polar blue. In order to balance those plain colors and to give energy to our collection, you will find a lot of bright colors on embroidery details in shirts badges, t-shirts and sweaters.

The next delivery will be in May with between two and three drops a year. As a designer brand supporting the slow fashion movement, we produce what is needed to follow our zero waste ethics. “Keeping up with the times, modern and poetic, the LO NEEL collection gives you a complete and interchangeable wardrobe with our own eponymous identity.”, says LO NEEL.

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