Liverpool have already identified missing piece of Jurgen Klopp puzzle despite Wolves win

Klopp was asked ahead of the Wolves about the claims that Salah is too selfish in dangerous positions, which the manager rubbished by saying: “He was never criticised by us for being too selfish or whatever because he never was.

“As a striker who comes into situations where we all want them to finish off, from time to time they will overlook a team-mate who is maybe in a better position is completely normal.

“It’s really easy to sit at home on the sofa and say he’s selfish for not passing. It’s the most difficult thing to do but what helps a lot in each appearance is being in similar situations plenty of times so you know what happens when we are there.

“As a team we develop so it should be clear when you are in a specific area of a pitch and 10 or 15 yards away from another specific area, there should be a player wearing the same shirt because of our formation. That helps.”

If Klopp is tempted to add a clinical finisher to his ranks that can also linkup play but potentially settle games such as the one just passed against Wolves, it is obvious why the German would have his eye on Benzema.


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