Live: Macron outlines proposal for law to fight ‘separatism’ in France

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French President Emmanuel Macron will outline Friday a law to fight what he identifies as the favouring of religious laws over France’s republican, secular values – a stance he calls “separatism” – in a speech in the Paris region. 

Macron’s speech in Les Mureaux comes more than seven months after he announced that his government sought to combat “foreign interference” in the practice of Islam by ending a programme that allowed countries to send imams and teachers to France.  

“A problem arises when, in the name of religion, some want to separate themselves from the Republic and therefore not respect its laws,” Macron said in a February 18 speech in the eastern French city of Mulhouse.

Click on the player above to watch Macron’s speech live at 10:30am Paris time (GMT+2)


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