Lidl gives away goody bags to Muslims for Ramadan Tent Project’s Open Iftar

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Every year, The Ramadan Tent Project puts on its Open Iftar – a mass meal to be eaten with fellow Muslims at the end of their fast every day during Ramadan.

Since its inception five years ago, 70,000 guests have enjoyed a meal shoulder to shoulder with people from all walks of life.

Founded by Omar Salha while he was studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), he said everyone humbly sits on the floor and eats side by side under a tent.

What started with 15 people celebrating iftar on the grass of their university campus has now spread all over the UK, with up 300 guests a night.

Open Iftar now reaches London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, among others.

And what’s more, once everyone finishes their meal, they get to take home a goody bag courtesy of RTP’s supermarket partner Lidl.

A free meal, new friends, and a goody bag, what’s not to love?

Muslims and non-Muslims gather for an Open Iftar to break their fast during Ramadan (Picture: Ramadan Tent Project)

‘We’re delighted that Open Iftar will once again be providing an iftar experience to people of all faiths and no faith nationwide,’ Omar told

‘We want to create a space where Muslims are comfortable and confident to practice and share their faith over an iftar meal with their wider community.

Since its inception, Open Iftar has had around 70,000 guests nationwide (Picture: Ramadan Tent Project)

‘At Ramadan Tent Project, we believe in building bridges of understanding and compassion between different faith groups and none, to acknowledge our differences as a means of recognising one another.

‘Open Iftar extends beyond an evening meal to a higher level of mindfulness and sense of belonging.’

It started off as a university endeavour by student Omar Salha (Picture: Ramadan Tent Project)

Lidl will provide tailor-made gift bags which include snacks for taraweeh (late night prayers) and the suhoor pre-dawn meal.

These will be available to guests at each Open Iftar event across seven cities nationwide including London, Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle Gateshead, and Sheffield.

Lidl is giving away goody bags with snacks after Taraweeh prayers and the pre-dawn suhoor meal (Picture: Ramadan Tent Project)

High profile guests have also given talks each night in the past including Jon Snow and Sadiq Khan.

More big names are to attend this year’s events. The first 23 nights of Ramadan is set to be Tavistock Square Gardens, Bloomsbury, in the heart of the capital.

The final venues to host Open Iftar will be held at iconic London landmarks (Picture: Ramadan Tent Project)

And the final week is set to see Open Iftar London be hosted across several iconic landmark locations.

You can visit the Ramadan Tent Project website for more information.

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