Lego exhibition shows future of construction vehicles

Building the future of building

A new exhibit at the London Transport Museum is shows how new technology like drones is changing more than just your flight schedule.

It might seem like construction equipment and vehicles haven’t changed for decades but a new London exhibit illustrates how quickly things are changing – and it’s doing so via the medium of Lego Technic.

The exhibit features a number of models created by members of the public, following a worldwide competition organised by Volvo and Lego.

The idea was to imagine future construction machines that are able to use modern tech like solar power, autonomous machines, drones, and 3D printers.

The winner was Vida Andras from Budapest but the runner-up was local boy James Cox, from East London.

The idea was to inspire young engineers into imagining how construction vehicles would look in the future, using Lego Technic – the more Mecanno-like Lego system that has working gears and mechanical parts.

The FutuRE:BUILD exhibition is exclusive to the London Transport Museum and runs until Thursday, 16 May. You can find more information on the official website.

Inspiring a new generation of engineers


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