Leaked! The Refreshed BMW 7 Series Has a Seriously Big Grille

Compared to the F01 2008–2015 model, the current G11 BMW 7 Series is better looking, more luxurious, and packed with even more cutting-edge technology. But it’s also been on sale for a few years, which means it’s time for an update—after all, staying fresh is especially critical to closing the sales gap between itself and the Mercedes-Benz S-class. Now, thanks to an early leak, we now have a much better idea of what it will look like.

Instagram user Stan Rudman recently posted this shot of the new BMW 750i, presumably taken at a customer preview event. It only shows the front end, and there are no photos from other angles, but it still reveals plenty. The hood appears to have a more prominent bulge in the middle, while the headlights look slimmer. The bumper has also been restyled with larger outboard intakes that frankly sort of remind us of those on the rear of today’s sporty Honda Civics. These are probably functional, though.

Oh, and then there’s that grille—that massive grille. After seeing camouflaged prototypes testing last year, we knew it was coming, but it’s still shockingly large. From this angle, it seems better integrated than we expected and creates a signature look among the brand’s flagships, which also includes the three-row X7 SUV. We do wonder whether the new twin-lung design will end up sticking around for long, though. So when will the new 7 Series be officially revealed? We can’t say for sure, but our bet is that we see it digitally in late February ahead of March’s Geneva motor show.


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