Leading Brexiteer Richard Tice mocks ‘petrified’ Corbyn for refusal to back snap election

Richard Tice, who is a Brexit Party MEP for the east of England, appeared on BBC Newsnight on Wednesday. In a heated discussion, the Brexit Party Chairman rounded on Labour MP Anna McMorrin during the show.

He told her: “What we have got is a complete zombie parliament.

“We have a Labour party that is petrified of calling a vote of no-confidence.

“It is petrified of calling a general election.”

He added: “It is petrified of having a second referendum.

“It is petrified of everything. You are just a bit too comfortable on those green benches.”

He continued his attack on Labour by claiming that the country was “begging” for a general election.

He said: “We know it, we hear it because we talk to our constituents.

“We know that with a general election a Leave alliance could deliver a thumping majority and get a decent proper Brexit.”

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The Tories are on 35 percent, with Labour second on 25 percent, the Liberals third on 18 percent and the Brexit Party fourth on 11 percent.

One Labour backbencher told the Guardian they believed up to half the parliamentary party could rebel if Mr Corbyn decided to whip his MPs to support a motion seeking an election under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (FTPA).

Another MP described the opposition to an election within Labour as “very strong and widespread”.

A party source added: “It’s fair to say there’s not a great appetite for an election in December.”

Tory MPs are also increasingly divided over whether to hold a general election before Brexit is delivered.

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A growing number of senior ministers are trying to resist calls for a snap election.

They are insisting that Brexit must be delivered first to ensure a Tory victory at the next election.

The ministers fear that Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will be able to exploit the Prime Minister’s “do or die” promise to take the UK out of the EU without further delay to inflict serious damage to the Tory vote.

According to a Tory backbencher, the party was split down the middle on whether to back an election.

He said: “There’s a big, big fight going on, basically. The parliamentary party is split 50/50. Personally, I don’t think an election is a very good idea.”



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