Large online retailers expected to surpass traditional retailers’ webs this holidays

New York – This is the first year where ‘pure players’ (online-only
retailers) are more popular than the websites of ‘brick-and-click players’
(traditional retailers that combine physical stores with a webshop),
according to a newly released research.

This year, 33 percent of the respondents say they will buy from pure
player websites, compared to 20 percent last year: a relative growth of a
stunning 65 percent, as revealed in The Deloitte Holiday shopping trends
survey. Meanwhile, only 27 percent of the respondents say they will buy
from brick-and-click player websites, compared to 26 percent last year,
according to Deloitte’s data.

“Consumers are getting used to the convenience of pure player websites”
says Adgild Hop, partner at Deloitte Consulting and Market Lead for Retail
in the Netherlands. “In general, they offer low prices, a wide assortment,
free shipping and returns, and quick delivery. Once you have tasted the
convenience of pure players, it is hard to settle for less.”

Hop also notes that in-store purchases have dropped by 5 percent. “1 out
of 3 consumers does not even bother to go to the store anymore”. This means
that brick-and-click players are fighting a double battle: they are losing
customers both in their physical stores as well as online.

Hop advises traditional retailers to create distinct experiences to stay
relevant. “Although many retailers say they want to create a unique
shopping experience, there is a lot that can be improved. The Christmas
season is especially suited to focus on this experience and pull consumers
to the shopping streets,” highlighted Hop. Moreover, they should create a
strong omnichannel strategy to cater to the needs of their customers.
Alternatively, they could partner with platform websites to create
additional sales channels, advises Hop. “If that’s where your customers
are, that’s where you have to go.”


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