Lamborghini boss details 2023 super-hybrid and new models

Can you envisage Lamborghini using a hybridised V6?

“Given that the V12 is our icon, this is very important to keep. All the rest, we will see down the road, and if there is an opportunity with other types of engines, we will look into it and take a balanced decision. But we will always have engines which surprise our fans and customers positively.”

Will the Urus be among the first to go fully electric?

“The first step is hybridisation. Then we’ll see if synthetic fuels give an opportunity to continue to work with combustion engines, because it’s not about the type of propulsion: it’s about the emissions you generate. But on the other hand, we foresee a fourth model for the second half of this decade which will be the first full-electric car, and here we’re looking at a bodystyle which will not be the same as the Urus, but at least a 2+2, so a car that’s daily driven.”

Are you working closely with other Volkswagen Group brands on electrification?

“We work together on platforms, for sure. We’re trying to see what is specific for Lamborghini. In general, a manufacturer always has a balance between ‘make or buy’: what is close to you as a DNA you make, and what is not that important you buy. Then you have to decide what you do best, and how fast you can achieve a positive result by doing one or the other. So the group, for us, is halfway between make and buy. We are part of the group, so we are also part of platform development, and on the other hand we have to pick the best fit in terms of cost and quality.”

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How will an electric Lamborghini still be a Lamborghini?

“Times change. New generations are stepping in. We have to divide the brand into two types of car: for the super-sports cars like the Huracán and Aventador, we want to keep the internal combustion engines alive as long as we can, and on the daily driver side, with the Urus and the new fourth model, we have to do an outstanding job – like we have with the Urus, which on first sight is not a Lamborghini to those who are used to looking at the Huracán and Aventador. But we are not always focused on super-sports cars. We had GT cars, 2+2 cars like the Espada and we had the LM002. So as a company, we also did lots of different stuff.”


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