Lamborghini Aventador successor to keep V12 but add hybrid punch

Winkelmann told Autocar: “My biggest challenge is to have a clear strategy for what is happening after 2030, to follow up the next generation – not only in terms of product but to have a clear vision of what this means for the brand. The first step is what this means until 2030.

“Without doubt, the legislation part will tell us what we cannot do any more. The door will be very tight and there will be a bottleneck we have to pass.”

Asked about a fully electric Lamborghini, Winkelmann said the firm is currently “finalising its plans”. He added: “It’s not only what we talk about. It’s walking the walk that is the tough thing, so we are looking into the financial situation to see year on year what we are able to do. It’s clear I can have a dream, but it must be a real one.”

The UK, Lamborghini’s fifth-largest market, is set to introduce a ban on non-zero-emission new cars in 2030. When asked about how that could affect the brand, Winkelmann said: “The UK is one of our top markets, so taking care of legislation is paramount for making success in the future. If we fail, we are out of business, because we need to do a super-sports car in line with the legislation, and also in line with the expectations of the customer. That’s not always the same, but we have to match these two things, and we are expecting this challenge.”

As previously reported by Autocar, Lamborghini has been considering adding a 2+2 grand tourer as a fourth model line and could make that model electric only.

Winkelmann said his “focus is on the existing models and their next generation” but added that “given our success and the analysis of the market, a fourth model is something that, in my opinion, is very possible for a brand like ours”.

Q&A Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini CEO

Is it good to be back at Lamborghini?

“It’s very good to be back. My reception was incredible: I had standing ovations when I came into the factory. It was very emotional. But this is the first day – then you have to get back to reality.”

To what do you attribute the firm’s 2020 success?


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