Labour's Sadiq Khan re-elected as London Mayor after seeing off Tory challenge

Sadiq Khan has won a second term as London Mayor in a boost to Labour’s fortunes after a torrid night in England.

The incumbent won 1,206,034 votes in both rounds, seeing off a challenge from Tory Shaun Bailey who won 977,601.

He also beat a string of more bizarre candidates including Count Binface, who won 24,775 votes, and actor-turned-‘free speech’ campaigner Laurence Fox.

Fox won 47,634 votes or 1.8% – which means he’ll lose his £10,000 deposit.

But his share of the vote in the first round was down more than four points since 2016. Tory Shaun Bailey said in his concession speech that he’d been “written off” by the press – but not Londoners.

“A crude culture war is pushing us further apart,” Mr Khan said in his victory speech as he called on Londoners to “heal those damaging divisions” in society.

Mr Khan took City Hall from the Tories in 2016 after defeating Tory Zac Goldsmith in the second round of votes.

Boris Johnson had held the role from 2008 to 2016, after returning to Westminster as an MP in 2015.

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Sadiq Khan won 1,206,034 votes in both rounds, seeing off a challenge from Tory Shaun Bailey who won 977,601

Mr Khan had been expected to win a decisive victory but Labour sources expressed concern ahead of the result about turnout on Thursday as voters went to the polls.

There were also initial jitters that some natural Khan voters were so confident of his victory that they had given their first-preference votes to fringe candidates.

The result will come as a boost to Labour after the party suffered a brutal defeat in the Hartlepool by-election and shedded more than 200 seats in the English local council elections.

Labour fared better on Saturday, winning mayoral races in North Tyneside and Salford, as well as snatching the West of England and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough mayoralty from the Tories.

Some aides were genuinely taken aback at the Cambridgeshire result, where Labour’s Nik Johnson won on a 14% increase of vote share despite his party coming third last time.

Andy Burnham was comfortably re-elected in Greater Manchester with 67% of the vote – an increased share – while Steve Rotheram secured a second term in Liverpool City Region with 58%.

Despite the torrid results in parts of England Labour did much better than expected in Wales, retaining control of the Welsh Parliament under Welsh leader Mark Drakeford.

And in Scotland Labour notched up almost the same vote share as the Tories in overall constituency results, at 21%.

The London result came as Labour headed into meltdown with Sir Keir’s sacking of party chair Angela Rayner.

It is the first move in a brutal reshuffle by Sir Keir, who said barely 24 hours ago that he would take responsibility for the results.

It sparked a wave of recriminations among MPs – one of whom branded the sacking “utterly idiotic”. Ms Rayner was a stalwart of the Corbyn era but also had broad support from Labour’s base – winning double the votes of her nearest rival for deputy leader.

And despite Sir Keir’s decision Ms Rayner remains his deputy – as that role is elected by party members. That means she will still wield considerable influence on the party and have a public profile.

London mayor election results

First Count:

Sadiq Khan (Lab) 1,013,721 (39.79%, -4.44%)

Shaun Bailey (C) 893,051 (35.06%, +0.02%)

Sian Berry (Green) 197,976 (7.77%, +1.97%)

Luisa Porritt (LD) 111,716 (4.39%, -0.24%)

Niko Omilana (Ind) 49,628 (1.95%)

Laurence Fox (Reclaim) 47,634 (1.87%)

Brian Rose (LRP) 31,111 (1.22%)

Richard Hewison (EU) 28,012 (1.10%)

Kam Balayev (Renew) 24,375 (0.96%)

Count Binface (Binface) 24,375 (0.96%)

Mandu Reid (Women) 21,182 (0.83%, -1.21%)

Piers Corbyn (LLL) 20,604 (0.81%)

Vanessa Hudson (AWP) 16,826 (0.66%)

Peter Gammons (UKIP) 14,393 (0.56%, -3.07%)

Farah London (Ind) 11,869 (0.47%)

David Kurten (Heritage) 11,025 (0.43%)

Nims Obunge (Ind) 9,682 (0.38%)

Steve Kelleher (Soc Dem) 8,764 (0.34%)

Max Fosh (Ind) 6,309 (0.25%)

Valerie Brown (Pink) 5,305 (0.21%)

Second round top-up votes:

Sadiq Khan (Lab) 192,313

Shaun Bailey (Con) 84,550


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