Labour tops donations list days after claiming party ‘wasn’t in pockets of super-rich’

Electoral Commission figures saw the Tories fall behind the Labour Party having taken £3.7million in donations during week two of their general election campaign. Boris Johnson’s Tories raised the most in week one, the BBC reported, at £5.7million, but fell back to donations of an additional £3million in the week 13 to 19 November. Brexit Party coffers also saw a surge but of £2.25million across the same week.

Labour’s biggest donation was – unsurprisingly – union Unite which handed over £3million to the party.

Mr Corbyn said last night: “We’ve just reached an incredible £2.5 million in donations.

“The average donation to our people-powered campaign? £25.”

His tweet was widely mocked on social media.


Electoral Commission figures saw the Tories fall behind the Labour Party (Image: GETTY)


Labour’s biggest donation was – unsurprisingly – union Unite (Image: GETTY)

One voter said: “I can’t wait for my free broadband, unicorns and money tree at Christmas magic grandpa.”

A second said: “Put it towards the huge National Debt you plan to run up.”

A third joked: “That means you only need £57,997,500,000 for the #WASPI women.”

Another said: “Can’t you just borrow it? I thought that was your policy for everything.”

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Unite handed over £3million to Labour (Image: GETTY)

Another added: “That’s because people with sense don’t donate to Parties that can’t apologise for their antisemitism and who hold press conferences waiving about pages of evidence that aren’t evidence of anything.”

Commenting last week on figures released by the Electoral Commission on donations the party’s had received, which showed the Tories receive a staggering £5.6m between 6 and 12 November, compared to Labour’s £218,500, Labour chair Ian Lavery said the figures showed the Tories were in hock to the well-off.

“While the Conservative party is in the pockets of vested interests and the super-rich, we are proud that the Labour Party is funded by hundreds of thousands of people donating what they can afford to build a fairer society,” he said.

“Labour is on the side of the people and the Tories are on the side of the billionaires.”

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Mr Corbyn faced backlash over documents (Image: GETTY)

Yesterday, Mr Corbyn faced backlash over documents he claimed proved Boris Johnson was attempting to sell-off the NHS to the US as part of a Brexit trade deal.

Mr Corbyn claimed 451 pages of official sensitive documents show the NHS is “up for sale” to Donald Trump but a think tank expert, Kate Andrews, rubbished the claims in an embarrassing clash on Sky News.

Mr Corbyn said the only redacted documents of the talks between UK and US officials on a future trade relationship had been revealed in response to a freedom of information request.

Kate Andrews explained evidence to the Labour leaders claims don’t “seem to exist” in the documents as she said they’re not using clips of it to back up the attack on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been busy on the campaign trail (Image: GETTY)

In a fiery clash with co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public, Tony O’Sullivan she pointed out he didn’t mention the document in his argument.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Andrews said: “It’s very clear from this document that the US is not particularly interested in the NHS.

“I think it’s very telling of the campaign material coming out from the Labour Party today.

“They’re not using clips of these documents, they’re using their own claims on their own paper headings.


The ballot is on December 12 (Image: GETTY)

“They’re not using the actual clips because the evidence that they say is in there doesn’t seem to exist.”

Mr O’Sullivan hit out at Ms Andrews’ comments and claimed she is only looking at it from a market point of view.

Reacting to Mr Corbyn’s latest claims, International Development Secretary Liz Truss said it was simply a stunt.


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