Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana asks 'will they kill me' in Spencer trailer

The latest dramatic trailer for Princess Diana film ‘Spencer’ has dropped, and it sees Kristen Stewart ask ‘will they kill me’.

The film takes places over a weekend in the early 1990s when Diana joined the royal family for Christmas at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate and is framed as a “fable from a true tragedy”

The full-length two-minute trailer for the biopic offers viewers a comprehensive look at Kristen’s portrayal of the Princess of Wales.

More has been teased about Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Princess Diana

The trailer sees Kristen absolutely nail Diana’s accent, leaving fans at the edge of their seat as she asks at the end of the trailer ‘Will they kill me, do you think?’

Viewers are shown in small clips throughout the trailer that tensions are boiling between Diana and the Royal Family, as nobody looks particularly happy with one another in the scenes.

There was a short teaser of the film released last month, but this new two-minute trailer which was released on Thursday shows how Kristen nails the English accent and helps to build a gripping atmospheric setting.

Fans are eager to see Kristen’s portrayal of the princess and took to social media to share their excitement, with some already pushing for the actress to win an Oscar for her performance.

Directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, it imagines what might have happened over those few days, when her marriage to the Prince of Wales had gone cold but she is still obliged to join the family festivities.

Framed as a “fable from a true tragedy”, the film showcases how Diana’s marriage to the Prince of Wales had soured during a family Christmas.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

The trailer begins with an eerie version of Perfect Day bellowing in the background from choir singers.

The action starts with the Queen asking an aide, “Is she here yet?” before adding, “Then she’s late.”

Switching to Diana, who is preparing herself for an awkward weekend, the princess can be seen telling herself in the mirror: “Three days. That’s it.”

In another scene, a young William asks his emotional mum: “Mummy what happened to make you so sad?”

Later, Diana is told: “There has to be two of you. There’s the real one…and the one they take pictures of.”

The film is written by Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight, and stars actors include Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris.

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Fans are excited to see Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

One Twitter user wrote: “i am literally so sorry for the person I become when Spencer comes out and it’s Kristen Stewart season.”

Another commented: “kristen stewart did that and it’s time for y’all to put some RESPECT on her name #Spencer #SpencerMovie.”

“Kristen Stewart is coming for all the awards #Spencer,” wrote a third.

Spencer will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on November 5 following its UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival.


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