Kris Jenner gleefully attacks pre-transition Caitlyn Jenner in resurfaced video

Kris Jenner proved she knows how to protect herself in a resurfaced self-defence and fitness video.

The 65-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch made a self-defense video with martial arts instructor Ken Herrera titled ‘Women’s Self-Defense & Fitness Program, Hosted By Kris & Bruce Jenner’.

The video also featured Kris’s then-husband, Caitlyn Jenner, prior to her transition.

On Friday, Kris and Caityln’s eldest daughter, Kendall Jenner, 25, shared a throwback clip of her parents taking part in the self-defence and fitness program – which was released back in 1994.

In the footage, Kris can be seen somewhat enthusiastically kneeing her then-husband in the groin as she went through a number of attack and defence techniques.

At one point, Kris gleefully squeals: “Ok! Let’s do it again!” when carrying out her groin-attack kicks.

Footage shows Kris Jenner enthusiastically kneeing her then-husband in the groin as part of her training

Instructor Ken then asks Kris: “Can you feel the kind of power you can generate?” to which she proclaims: “Yeah!”

Kris also showcases her side kicks, and also shouts in surprise when her trainer pretends to lunge for her, with Kris squealing: “What did you do that for?”

The video was designed to prepare women to defend themselves from attack, and features 1990s advice.

At the beginning of the video, Ken asks: “You know, Kris, when faced with horrible crimes like rape and assault, you have four basic options. Your best option?”

Kris replies: “Run.”

Kendall Jenner shared a link to the throwback video on Instagram on Friday

Ken continues: “Exactly. Run as hard and as fast as you can. Get as far away from the situation as possible. That’s number one. Second option?”

Kris asks: “What about talking?” with Ken responding: “Excellent. Talking is your next best option. What you want to do is say whatever it takes to get out of the situation. Some of the things women have said in the past that have worked are maybe that they will bribe the person, the attacker. Or say that they have a horrible disease and they’re going to die. Whatever you can be creative with and come up with to get out of the situation. Whatever works.”

Kris then states: “Well Kenny, I guess you just have to do whatever it takes to survive.”

Ken then suggested: “Kris, another option would be to submit,” prompting Kris to address the camera directly and state: “This is a question that every woman must ask herself and deal with in her own mind.”

The video explains different methods to escape an attacker – and offers self-defense tips

Kris demonstrates her impressive high-kicking ability in the video

Ken then continues: “Kris, and your fourth and final option is?” to which Kris says: “Self defence!”

Her instructor goes on to say that he will train her so she can “use your body as a weapon” with the video then cutting to Kris training her kicks and punches.

The resurfaced footage has already inspired followers – with one fan commenting in the video post that Kendall linked to: “Omg I love Kris Jenner so much hahaha she’s a legend…. believe that.”

Kris released the self-defense video the same year as her friend Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered

OJ Simpson was tried for the murder of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman – but was acquitted

While others speculated if the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson inspired Kris to make the video, with one writing: “I wonder if she did this in response to her friends’ murder….it was the same year.”

Nicole was brutally stabbed to death at her Brentwood home on June 12, 1994 – with her ex-husband OJ Simpson put on trial for the murder, along with the murder of Ron Goldman, who was also killed at the scene.

OJ – who was represented by Kris’s late ex-husband Robert Kardashian – was acquitted of all charges, and the criminal matter of Nicole and Ron’s murders remains unsolved.


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