Komeil Ghasemi to Help Cambodian Wrestlers Shine in Asia, World – Sports news – Tasnim …

The wrestler was chosen as head coach of the Asian country in late 2021.

“Wrestling is not as popular in Cambodia compared to other countries. This lack of attention causes wrestlers to stay away from new and more advanced training methods. There is also the issue of weak wrestling techniques and tactics. These make things difficult for me. I have start from scratch, from the basics of wrestling, Ghasemi said in an interview with Khemer Times.

“A lot of work needs to be done in order to improve the skills and capabilities of Cambodian wrestlers. In the beginning and in the short run, the most important thing to achieve is to raise the technical and physical levels of the wrestlers. The most important thing to do in the next stage is for them to go against wrestlers who are technically and physically superior to them.

“Having the right training programs and confidence is very important. I will do my best and make sure that Cambodian wrestling will get the best results. The program will continue until the 2023 SEA Games.

“Cambodian wrestlers have the potential to perform well in Asian and global competitions in the future. This, however, requires long-term planning and adequate funding for the sport,” he added.


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