Klättermusen announces global partnership with Slam Jam

Klättermusen, maker of mountaineering equipment, has entered a global partnership encompassing distribution, retail and creative collaboration, with Italian streetwear retailer Slam Jam. Beyond distribution and retail, Slam Jam will also collaborate with Klättermusen as a full-stack go-to-market global partner, providing every level of service from direction of branding and design, to wholesale, retail, and engagement with the fashion community.

Founded by Luca Benini in 1989, Slam Jam began in a small warehouse on the rural outskirts of Ferrara, and over the last almost 30 years has become a globally recognized cultural institution. Today, Slam Jam leverages its credibility and experience within the community to globally promote the style and attitudes of subcultures. 

Swedish mountaineering brand Klättermusen has been creating refined mountaineering equipment for over 45 years. Every piece of equipment with Klättermusen’s name is made with the consideration of “Maximum Safety for You, Minimum Impact on Nature.” A long-time favorite among mountain climbers and hikers, recently, Klättermusen has received growing attention from mountain adventurers and everyday explorers as a result of its attention to functional details.

In a statement, Klättermusen CEO and Nordic Mountaineer Gonz Ferrero said, “As a long-time admirer of Luca and Slam Jam’s work it was meaningful to see this requited. Only great things happen when two forces of pioneering spirit and authenticity collaborate”. 

Image: Kinc


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