'Kicking social care into long grass a shameful dereliction of duty for any Gov'

Boris Johnson is running out of excuses for why he is failing to tackle the crisis in social care.

Like David Cameron and Theresa May before him, he acknowledges there is a major problem yet puts off producing answers.

This has become a major problem for the ­country’s neglected families.

Kicking social care into the long grass is a shameful dereliction of duty by any government because people are suffering here and now, struggling to find and pay the costs of personal support.

The seven-in-10 voters who think it should be a top priority are right and the PM and his Government are wrong to delay, delay, delay.

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Elaine Yates and husband Michael
Elaine Yates and husband Michael told the Mirror on Monday they feel ‘robbed’ by the Government

The Tories have an ideological opposition to a national scheme financed by taxation or a levy on inheritances left by the wealthy – and that opposition is thwarting what would be the best solutions.

The elderly, frail and vulnerable deserve a Prime Minister who is a doer, not a dodger.

Alas, we’re still waiting for one.

Way forward

Confirmation that England’s lockdown will be eased on Monday, was widely predicted but still very welcome.

With Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also lifting restrictions at their own pace, we can all raise a sociable glass to the success of the NHS mass vaccination programme.

The death toll of more than 127,000 was unnecessarily high but lowering the Covid alert level – acknowledging infections are no longer high – can give us all confidence to begin resuming more normal lives.

We’ve earned it.

Travel slick

Boris Johnson's partner Carrie Symonds during the Caribbean trip
Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds during the Caribbean trip

Openness matters hugely in public life, which is why Boris Johnson’s honesty over who paid for the £15,000 Caribbean holiday is an issue of national concern.

His casual approach to accountability shows he is treating the country with contempt – and one day it will tire of Johnson’s cynicism.


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