Kerryn Phelps increases lead over Dave Sharma in Wentworth byelection – politics live

What a weekend.

The fallout from Kerryn Phelps’ (not entirely unexpected) win continues today, with Scott Morrison all but guaranteed a minority government.

The latest count has the independent about 1,600 votes ahead and, while there are outstanding postal votes, the ABC’s election analyst, Antony Green, said he hadseen “various figures” showing Sharma would need about 70% of the remaining vote to win and “that’s not going to happen”.

So the Coalition’s one-seat majority is all but no more.

In what has been labelled “The Sookening” on social media, Malcolm Turnbull has emerged the biggest scapegoat for conservatives, who seem shocked that a) he would leave parliament after being dumped as leader and b) not campaign for the party which dumped him and c) continue to exist.

The almost-official loss is down to everything except Coalition policies, apparently. Obviously, it is the voters who are wrong.

We’ll continue to cover Wentworth, and everything else surrounding it today, but there is also something else happening in this building, which is more important than politics, and that is the national apology for victims and survivors of institutional childhood abuse.

People are pouring into the parliament to see the prime minister apologise for the nation turning a blind eye, for so long, to the trauma and suffering children endured at the hands of those who were meant to keep them safe.

The apology comes after Julia Gillard ordered a royal commission into institutional sexual abuse and its responses, and Malcolm Turnbull adopted most of the commission’s recommendations.

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Today, Morrison will deliver the apology.

Mike Bowers and the Guardian brain’s trust will be here, covering the apology and all that comes with it, and the comment thread is open.

It is going to be a pretty wrought day for a lot of people, so make sure you take care of yourself, and take breaks where needed.


Let’s get into it.



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