Kerry Hill Architects designs the One & Only group's first Asia property — Johor, Malaysia

Kerry Hill Architects designs the One & Only group’s first Asia property — Johor, Malaysia

For various historical and infrastructural reasons, Malaysia’s resorts have all tended to cluster along its west coast, leaving the eastern flank in a remarkably pristine condition, thick with virgin rainforests and soft sanded beaches.

Capitalising on this natural bounty is the One&Only group’s first Asia property. Set on a 128 acre estate, the resort’s 45 breezy bright suites are the work of the Kerry Hill Architects. Fans of the Aman resorts, with whom the Singapore-based studio has been a long-time collaborator, will recognise, amidst the swathes of stone, linear perspectives and dense landscaping, a familiar layout of cascading terraces and pools – the centrepiece being a vast network of lawn and boxed gardens that leads, temple-like, past a 50m infinity pool and down to the 1.5 km stretch of private beach and the South China Sea beyond.

Special applause, especially, for the capacious Chenot-managed spa, and the manicure and pedicure salon run by the ever-fabulous Bastien Gonzalez. §


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