Kendall Jenner risks exposing chest as she poses in perilously held together top

Kendall Jenner pushed her top to breaking point as she teased fans with a sexy mirror video via social media on Friday.

The 24-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star struck a pose in front of a giant mirror while wearing a tiny, beige coloured, single-buttoned cardigan.

Stretching one arm skywards, and shifting in her feet on the spot, the tight cardigan top looked like it was behind pushed to the limits of its design as a solitary button desperately held the top in place.

Model Kendall, however, looked perfectly poised, toned, and at ease as she wiggled around for the camera despite the wardrobe malfunction risk.

Kendall Jenner teased fans with a self-made video that she shared on Instagram Stories on Friday

She paired her tiny top with a pair of black legging short that showed off her toned curves – uploading the fruits of her recording to Instagram Stories.

The reality star appeared to be wearing nothing else for her afternoon of self-appreciation – save for a handbag and highly focused expression.

While Kendall was clearly living in the moment, her siblings appeared to be enjoying throwback moments from years gone by.

Kendall posed in a tiny cardigan and short leggings

Kendall’s cardigan appeared stretched to its limit

Older brother, Rob Kardashian, delighted fans moments later by sharing a throwback snap of himself cuddling his daughter Dream, now three, from when she was a newborn.

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While older sister Kim Kardashian had, just moments earlier, shared a surprise throwback snap that caused jaws to drop.

The star uploaded a photo of herself alongside sisters Kylie, Kendall and Khloe to social media.

Rob Kardashian shared an adorable throwback snap of his daughter Dream on Friday

Kim Kardashian shocked fans with a throwback photo of herself with Kylie, Kendall and Khloe earlier in the day

The image caused a stir as the faces of each of the women looked dramatically different from how many perceive them today.

Kim herself showcased softer facial features in the image, and honey-auburn coloured hair.

While her three younger sisters all appeared to have facial features looking much different to the well manicured and made-up style that fans have come to expect in the years since.


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