@KatieIsMonster launches label

@KatieIsMonster launches label

Katie Ruensumran, best known as @KatieIsMonster, a street style star and Instagram influencer, is well known for her flamboyant, oversized outfits which have been photographed across the globe whether she’s in London or Paris. With a dearth of fashion shows to attend this year, Ruensumran has turned her efforts to launching her own label, The Meaning Well, a one-size-fits-all brand that is based on the influencer’s penchant for oversized clothing.

Ruensumran dared to do what few would do during this pandemic by launching a clothing line, but she felt it necessary to save so many people that have lost their jobs during the pandemic. “I’d rather take this money to pay for the pattern cutter and the graphic designer who lost their job,” she said to “It is about helping each other. The brand can support local business and designers.”

She did her fabric sourcing with factories outside of London, including one that sells deadstock material, sustainability is the new mother of invention in fashion, after all. In addition, The Meaning Well won’t be taking a seasonal approach to collections, but, rather, will launch the same styles in different fabrications and patterns throughout the year.

Ruensumran, who is based in the U.K., can hope to cash in on some of the the country’s economic and retail rebound after the coronavirus pandemic. Although, the country is in a tough spot right now trying to figure out what lockdown measures to reimpose after a spike in coronavirus cases. It’s a tricky time right now for fashion as the industry continues to respond to the global coronavirus pandemic, but brands are finding ways to push on whether it’s through e-commerce or expanding their direct-to-consumer approach.

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