Katie Price worries fans with ‘dangerous’ picture of her horse: ‘An accident waiting to happen’

Pricey’s caused major controversy on Instagram again…

Katie Price is no stranger to causing controversy and she’s done it again after fans became alarmed by something they spotted in a new photo.

The mum-of-five shared a seemingly innocent picture of herself relaxing at home yesterday as she soaked up in the sun in her garden whilst her horse munched on the grass behind her.


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‘Chilling in the garden earlier ❤❤,’ Katie, 40, captioned the shot.

But whilst Pricey seemed very relaxed, many of her followers were left concerned by the fact that her horse appears to be standing on its lead rope.

This can prevent it from being able to lift its head, which can then cause the animal to panic and jump around.

Given that Katie was sitting very close by, the idea of this left many of her fanbase worried.

‘Your horse is standing on the rope and is likely to panic when he realises that he is trapping himself. Very dangerous,’ one Instagram user commented, whilst another said: ‘you don’t need to be an expert to know this is a potential accident waiting to happen !’

And one added: ‘I hope you didn’t get pulled off your chair!! I spy a horsey problem of a trodden on lead rope!’

Meanwhile one said: ‘Your horse is stood on his lead rope. Not as important as your sunbathing though..’

Ouch. Others came to Katie’s defence though, with one fan writing: ‘for god sake people is that all you can moan about is a horse standing on a lead rope, get a life! The horse is more interested in eating and looks pretty chilled to me!’

‘A photo is something that is done in seconds. It’s just a quick snapshot of something. For all we know as soon as she realised he was on the rope she jumped up and sorted it out,’ a fellow admirer agreed, and another posted: ‘Not all horses panic I’m sure she knows her own horse’

It’s not the only Instagram controversy that Katie’s been involved with recently.

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The glamour model reportedly got into an online argument with estranged husband Kieran Hayler’s mum Wendy this week when she accused her and Kieran of ‘forgetting’ about her son Harvey.

Yep, there’s always drama when Katie’s around!



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