Katie Price says she will adopt little girl with cleft lip

Katie Price has revealed that she “would love” to adopt a two-year-old girl, who faces life in care.

The mum-of-five shared Olivia’s story on her Instagram account and said she would love to help out little Olivia, who has a cleft lip along with other complex health requirements.

Olivia has a duplication of one of her chromosomes and as she grows, it is not known what paths her future development will take, writes The Mirror.

The tot cannot take anything orally due to being born with a cleft lip and palate, and she has had her stomach tied so that cannot be sick.

Her story touched Katie’s heart, who shared her story on Instagram and wrote alongside it: “I would love to (have) her in my family.”

The former glamour model also added two heart emojis.

Social workers have said the Olivia is a “real people person” who likes “music, toys, teddies and having a bath” as well as having an “amazing smiley face”.

Two-year-old Olivia has touched Katie Price's heart
Two-year-old Olivia has touched Katie Price’s heart

Devon-based adoption agency Families For Children have stated that this was a “LAST chance” appeal to find Olivia a home, who has been without a family for her whole life.

If not such family is forthcoming then a permanent care solution will be found.

Families For Children have set up Family For Me, which is a project the helps to find families for “harder to place” children.

Katie already has 19-year-old Harvey, who has Septo-optic Dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder affecting his eyesight, as well as autism and Prader-Willi syndrome which can cause learning difficulties and behavioural problems, as well as Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jet, seven, and Bunny, six.

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She has indicated that she would be looking to extend her family further and sent her fans into turmoil when she posed wither her hand on her stomach for a photo on Instagram, prompting speculation that she was already expecting.

Katie told The Sun that she was getting frustrated that despite the rumours, the pregnancy tests were negative.

Olivia is heading for permanent care if a family cannot be found
Olivia is heading for permanent care if a family cannot be found

She said: “That was so annoying as everyone was speculating I was pregnant but I wasn’t. I wished I was!

“I have put on loads of weight as I’m trying to eat really healthily – so I just felt like saying: ‘F*** off!’

“We’ve been doing pregnancy tests every month but the last few months we haven’t bothered. It’s been so disheartening.”

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