Kate Garraway warns Covid rulebreakers ‘you don’t want this in your life’ and is tempted to show them a pic of ill Derek

KATE Garraway has warned people breaking coronavirus guidelines “you don’t want this in your life”.

The Good Morning Britain star urged people to persevere with government rules to stop the spread of the virus as husband Derek remains seriously ill in hospital.

Kate Garraway has urged people to keep following government coronavirus guidelines


Kate Garraway has urged people to keep following government coronavirus guidelines

Kate grew tearful as she told viewers Derek’s parents haven’t been able to see him for six months.

Show host Susanna Reid asked Kate how she felt about the growing feeling of fatigue with the rules as more and more people complain about wearing masks and having their social lives restricted.

It came after Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley was pictured in a shop without a face covering, while former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed a dinner party with nine guests – three more than the rules allow.

Kate said: “I have huge sympathy with people who are fed up with it. I think if you haven’t been directly touched by it, you haven’t seen the devastation, your life has been devastated, your livelihood, your ability to feel a sense of joy, you’re going to get frustrated.

It does make me tempted to show a pic of Derek in his current state and say ‘you don’t want this in your life. You don’t know who it will affect and how. So stick to it.'”

Derek has been seriously ill for six months
Derek has been seriously ill for six months

She continued: “There’s huge confusion around it, but we kind of know wearing a mask, social distancing, we know the basics, and we have to do our best in the muddle.”

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Fighting back tears, she concluded: “Derek’s mum and dad haven’t been able to see Derek.

“If they can go six months without giving a hug to their son, who’s so desperately ill, the rest of us can probably get through.

Derek was struck down with coronavirus in March


Derek was struck down with coronavirus in MarchCredit: Enterprise News and Pictures

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to depress everybody. That’s the reality of getting caught up in the virus directly”

The Sun recently revealed Derek is now the country’s longest-fighting Covid-19 patient after marking six months in hospital.

He was was hospitalised on March 28 and has just spent his 186th day in and out of intensive care.

Since falling ill with symptoms at the end of March, Derek tested positive and was then admitted to intensive care where he was put on a ventilator.

He spent several weeks in ICU, before being woken from an induced coma in July.

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Since then he has been in a state of “minimum consciousness” — and has yet to utter his first word.

Derek has had at least two health scares since then, including two big falls in blood pressure and a swelling in his legs which medics feared was a clot.

He has also lost a staggering eight stone since his ordeal began.

Emotional Kate Garraway says Derek Draper’s parents haven’t even visited their son since he fell ill with the coronavirus 6 months ago



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