Kartarpur Gurudwara photoshoot row: Pakistani model says 'sorry', South Asia News |

After some on social media pointed out that the “bareheaded images” offended the Sikh community’s sentiments, a Pakistani model’s photos at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur went viral.

Sauleha Imtiaz, the model, then removed the photographs and apologised on her Instagram profile. 

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Covering one’s head in a gurdwara is mandatory and considered a way of showing respect for the revered place.

The Pakistani model apologised, saying she didn’t mean to harm anyone and that the images from her session were meant to be a memento of her visit to Kartarpur Sahib. 

“Recently I posted a picture on Instagram that was not even a part of a shoot or anything. I just went to Kartarpur to learn about the history and know about the Sikh community. It wasn’t done to hurt anyone sentiments or anything for that matter. However, if I have hurt anyone or they think that I don’t respect there culture. I am Sorry,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

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