Juncker savaged on unelected ‘nonsense’: ‘He was the only candidate and nearly LOST!’

The outgoing European Commission President ruffled the feathers of Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe, who posted a scathing rant on his Twitter page. He told his 10,000 followers: “This is the biggest lie that comes out of Brussels. The European Parliament is a sham, it is no real Parliament. I know, I sit in it! And Juncker boasts about being elected by the Parliament? He was the only candidate! Even then he only snuck in.”

Mr Lowe posted a clip of Mr Juncker appearing on Sky News where he speaks of being elected into his plush role.

Mr Juncker says “that’s the tip of the British lie” when interviewer Sophie Ridge says many Britons believe he is the cause of the problem with the EU – namely having been “unelected” to rule Europe and the UK.

Mr Juncker, after an awkward silence, added: “I am elected by the European Parliament.”

He then rattles off his list of credentials, including being Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Clearly rattled by Ms Ridge’s accusation, he flicks a hand in her direction and adds “stop this nonsense, this Farage nonsense”.

She asked if her comment made him angry, to which he replied: “No, I’m no longer in the mood to listen to these stories that we are unelected which is unreasonable.

“We are where we are because people put us there.”

The post by Mr Lowe racked up a huge number of remarks from angry Brexiteers.

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Another comment read: “Why in heaven‘s name would anybody vote to remain in this abomination and so-called trading bloc.

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“Thank goodness Brexiteers are more politically savvy and can see through the hypocritical elite of Brussels. We deserve a pat on the back because we are going to win this fight.”

Mr Juncker is used to antagonising British voters with his often off-the-cuff remarks.

Only last week he claimed Brexit voters were too stupid to understand the EU.

He laid bare his true feelings for the UK and its impending divorce from Brussels in an interview with Euronews and said Brexit represented a “tragedy” and a “failure” – albeit not on the EU’s part.

Mr Juncker blamed the British governments of days gone by for failing to stand up for their peoples’ interests on the European stage and accused them of filling the heads of their countrymen and women with biased information on the EU.

He said: “Brexit, from its beginning, has to do with the fact that not a single British government was openly defending and explaining the place of Britain in the European Union.

“If you are telling the people over decades that this is not exactly what we wanted, don’t be surprised if a referendum is answered in a negative way.

I was probably the only one who was not surprised by the outcome.

“I expected (the decision to leave) because this matraquage’ – as the French would say – repeating day after day that we are there but we don’t want to be there, is producing obvious results.”



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