Joor to introduce 3D and AR features into B2B sales platform with Vntana

Wholesale marketplace Joor is set to increase its user experience offering with the integration of 3D and augmented reality (AR) technology into its platform, in partnership with e-commerce technology firm Vntana.

The new implementation will allow Joor customers and retail partners to view visual assets in 3D and AR, as well as upload their existing 3D designs to be instantly viewed on the Joor platform. Vntana’s patented algorithms automatically optimise and convert files to meet web and mobile standards, while user assets can be submitted from programmes such as Browzwear and Clo.

Joor hopes the new partnership with the software as a service (SaaS) platform will evolve its user experience and increase sales, with the development falling in line with the increasing number of companies and brands that have implemented 3D and AR e-commerce into their strategies. It also noted, in a release, that the benefit of this rendering method is the reduction in sample creation, creating both lower cost and environmentally sustainable production.

The wholesale platform will now display 3D and AR versions of assets alongside 2D imagery, seen through the product detail pages.

“We look forward to working with Joor on the next iteration of e-commerce in the metaverse…”

“3D and AR e-commerce is the future for retail and we’re passionate about making these performance-boosting assets accessible to every brand,” commented Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of Vntana. “Partnering with Joor is a fantastic way to improve the wholesale experience for the industry as we deepen the brand and retailer relationship while driving increases in sales and sustainability. We look forward to working with Joor on the next iteration of e-commerce in the metaverse.”

According to Vntana, the implementation of 3D e-commerce “has proven to double conversion rates and increase cart size by 60 percent”. The firm has additionally partnered with computer software company Ptc on its products, allowing each of its partners to add its feature to the backend of their sites. Furthermore, the company works with the likes of Deckers Brands and Diesel on existing 3D designs that can be used throughout the online world, including social media, game engines and advertising.

Joor’s CEO, Kristin Savilia, said on it’s new virtual addition: “We are dedicated to innovation and recognise the critical role 3D and AR will play in the future of wholesale. As such, we are proud to partner with Vntana to bring this cutting edge technology to our platform.”


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