Join us for a Facebook Live as we discuss top tips for sleep training with your baby

Join us on The Mirror Mums Facebook Page for a Facebook Live session with The Daddy Sleep Consultant to discuss sleep training for babies, regression and so much more

The Daddy Sleep Consultant
We’ll be chatting to The Daddy Sleep Consultant

Lack of sleep thanks to a crying baby or restless toddler can be one of the biggest issues parents face.

If you’ve tried just about everything to get your little one to sleep at night and are fed up of missing out on your own much-needed slumber, then you won’t want to miss our upcoming Facebook Live.

On Monday, November 29, we’ll be going live on The Mirror Mums page with Chris McFadden, AKA The Daddy Sleep Consultant, to answer all of your questions about babies and sleep.

We’ll be discussing everything from ways you can get started with sleep training before your little one has even been born, to sleep regression and tips for getting excited children to go to sleep at Christmas time.

For those who may not know, Chris is the first qualified male baby and toddler sleep consultant in the UK & Ireland and he offers a range of gentle sleep training courses for parents.

He’s been praised for “changing the lives” of the parents that he has helped by getting their little ones to sleep through the night.

Join the Facebook Live here.

If you’re curious about sleep training for your tot and want to know more, join us on Monday for the Facebook Live at midday.

And if you’ve got a specific sleep issue you’re facing or a question you’d love Chris to answer, you can drop a comment down below.

Alternatively, you can message us on Mirror Mums Facebook, send an email to or simply get involved on the day and comment on the Live post.

Chris previously spoke to The Mirror about his work and how he believes it’s never too early to start sleep training with your child.

He said: “With regards to newborns it’s difficult to get into a good structured daytime routine before six to eight weeks – when they’re that age all they’re doing is feeding, napping, feeding, napping with the odd change in there.

“Literally they’re falling asleep by feed because they’re so tired they don’t have the capacity to stay awake longer than the duration of a feed.

“But with regards to a bedtime routine, that’s something I really, really encourage parents to do from the very, very early stages of bringing a newborn home.”

His prices start from £29 and you can find out more by visiting

Who would you like to see join us for a Mirror Mums Facebook Live next? Let us know in the comments below.

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