John Fury doubles down on violent threats after vulgar rant about Jake Paul's girlfriend

Fury has refused to apologise for his rant about Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose during a press conference, and has threatened to not speak to his son if he is unable to defeat his rival

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Hearn reacts to Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference

John Fury has refused to apologise for his rant aimed at Jake Paul’s girlfriend and has accused Paul of showing a lack of respect to the Fury family.

Fury’s son Tommy will face a grudge match with Paul on December 18 in Florida in a bid to settle their social media feud.

Fury Sr crossed the line during this week’s press conference when he dragged Paul’s girlfriend into the row.

And Tommy’s father has now doubled down on his threats to Paul and anyone who disrespects his family, while threatening not to talk to Fury if he is unable to defeat his rival.

“He is just a cheeky lad with no respect for real fighters,” Fury Sr told Queensberry Promotions. “And Tommy is going to hurt him I will tell you that now and if he doesn’t I won’t speak to him.

John Fury has doubled down on his recent feud with Jake Paul


Queensberry Promotions)

“You can tell what state of mind he is in now, he knows the people around him have made a mistake getting him in to this.

“Isn’t he a horrible lad though? But I am a horrible man so touché, it is a pity that I can’t get to America but I will say one thing.

“Anyone who thinks I am a loud mouth and invades my space, I will drop them where they stand no matter who they are.

Jake Paul or anybody who tries to disrespect me and my family will is getting it there and then, and there will be no backwards steps from me at all. I will back up what I say.”

Fury’s girlfriend Molly Mae Hague has also been dragged into the feud when Paul branded her a “catfish” during the American press event.

And Rose has involved herself in the rivalry by offering Hague to a mud wrestle in a bid to raise the stakes between the families further.

But Fury Sr stood his ground while threatening to smash the television screen Paul was displayed on, delivering an X-rated rant aimed at Paul and his partner.

“When Tommy beats you he is going to get your girlfriend and f*** her like a dog in front of you,” Fury Sr shouted at the press conference.

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“You are the idiot for taking this fight and you are getting it you bum. Enjoy the moment p****. Dream on d***head.

“This is the first real fight you are involved in and you are going to feel the wrath of Tommy Fury, I watched you last fight you were actually rubbish.

“You are copping it and i can see the fear in your eyes underneath them glasses. Suck your d***, you don’t have one underneath that g***.”

The rivalry is unlikely to rear its ugly head again between Fury Sr and Paul, with the Briton unable to travel to America to watch the fight due to his criminal record.

However Fury’s brother Tyson will be present and in his corner at the event in Florida after beginning training together in recent days.

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