John Bercow – the Great Remainer: Brexit ‘not irreversible’ & 2nd referendum WILL happen

The former House of Commons Speaker called Brexit “the biggest foreign policy blunder in post war period” and claimed he had “facilitated” the blocking of a No-Deal Brexit in Parliament. Speaking to the Italian newspaper la Repubblica, he said he had “only very minor regrets about mistakes made or failures” over his 10 years tenure in the House of Commons.

He told the paper he had “complete confidence” Brexit would not “disappear” for the “next five years, very probably for the next ten, and quite conceivably for the next 15”.

Asked if he thought Brexit was “irreversible”, Mr Bercow replied: “I’m not arguing Brexit should be done.

“My view on Brexit is that it is the biggest foreign policy blunder in post war period. No, I don’t think it’s inevitable.”

He conceded Brexit “will probably happen”, but said a second referendum “remains to be seen”.

He said: “Is it possible there could be another referendum? Yes, it is possible. It may not look that likely at the moment.

“If you ask me what I think about that, I think there is a compelling case for the public to be asked to give their final verdict.

“Whether there will be another referendum or not up there, it remains to be seen. But I don’t see how having more democracy can be undemocratic.”

Mr Bercow stepped down from his position in Parliament after 10 years at the end of last month.

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He said: “Well, I suppose I played a part.

“I facilitated colleagues who wanted legally to stop the No Deal Brexit, but it wouldn’t be correct to say that I stopped the No Deal Brexit. It was Parliament that voted to stop the No Deal Brexit.

“I think I had a handmaiden role, if I can put it that way.

“But did I do the deed? I didn’t do the deed. I facilitated those who wanted to do the deed.”

The former Speaker took the opportunity to hit back at critics who have long accused him of impartiality, claiming Brexiteers had not complained until “recent times”.

He said: “I’m not annoyed really by accusations of not being impartial. I just think they’re wrong and they rather severe.”

During his time as Speaker, Mr Bercow was accused by some Brexit-backing MPs of siding with Remainers.

Just days after quitting as House of Commons Speaker, he sparked fury when describing Brexit as “the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period”.

Mr Bercow said he no longer had to “remain impartial” after stepping down from his decade-long role.


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