JK Rowling baffles fans after using 'stoner' slang to 'endorse' CBD gummy bears

Harry Potter author JK Rowling baffled fans after she used ‘stoner’ slang to tell fans she was a big fan of CBD gummy bears – but all was not as it seemed.

The subtle hemp gummies are said to give ‘health benefits’ and lead to a ‘steady decline in nerve and muscle pain’.

JK’s name has been linked to CBD Gummy Bear sites for a few years claiming that she is a big user of the product.

The products even carry her name on the packaging on what seem like legitimate sites.

Fan couldn’t believe it when she appeared to endorse the product and wrote on her official Twitter page: “They is easy to use and I is totally endorse them.

“However, some Facebook ads featuring sleb endorsements might be total bulls***, so watch out for that.”

“But I is loving that steady decline in that nerve and muscle pain.”

Some believed she was really giving them the thumbs up.

One wrote: “As side-hustles go, that’s an unexpected one!”

Another said: “I live in the US, is she talking like a tv character or something?”

Someone else volunteered: “NEWSFLASH: Infamous Harry Potter Author noticeably high on gummy bears posts tweet that confuses many of her followers. More later, as this story unfolds…

Another questioned: “Did you get hacked?”

JK admitted in a later post that she was winding her followers up and linked to a page telling them not to believe the fake ads that have been springing up.

She wrote “PS”… attached to a link to another page regarding rumours about herself.

It read: “Some fairly preposterous fake ads have been springing up on Facebook, purporting to show me extolling the virtues of cannabidiol products or financial schemes in fake media interviews.

The companies who placed the ads are misleading people and taking their money under false pretences.

We have taken this up with Facebook, but if you come across one of the ads, or a company selling these products with my name attached to theirs, do NOT be taken in!”

Fans were thrilled to realise JK was actually joking.

Another added: “LMAAAO Jo I laughed more about your reply to people thinking you were hacked than about the joke itself

Another admitted: “As a non-English speaker, I confess I struggled to understand this tweet. Then I read the excerpt on Rumour section and everything got clearer.”


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