Jeremy Corbyn granting Nicola Sturgeon independence wish would lead to ‘chaos’ – WARNING

Speculation has surrounded Jeremy Corbyn possibly forming a pact with the SNP granting leader Nicola Sturgeon her wish of a second referendum on Scottish independence in a desperate bid to gain the keys to Number 10 Boris Johnson has continued to rule out a second vote on Scottish independence while he is Prime Minister, insisting the Government would would not give the go-ahead for another legally-binding referendum. Ms Sturgeon has previously said she believes Mr Corbyn would grant her the section 30 order – which would grant permission for a new referendum from the UK Government – if he was voted into Downing Street.

Both Mr Corbyn and Ms Sturgeon have vigorously denied speculation surrounding a possible pact between the two parties ahead of this week’s general election.

But economist and broadcaster Liam Halligan warned such a move would inflict “chaos”.

The SNP has also now launched its ’Stop Brexit’ campaign, continuing to argue in favour of stopping the UK leaving the European Union.

Ms Sturgeon has repeatedly stated due to the majority of Scots who voted in favour of remaining in the EU, the country should not be dragged into Brexit.

But Mr Halligan told The Sun: “If Mr Corbyn grabs power after doing a deal with Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon we would face a second referendum anyway — on Scottish independence! It would be chaos.”

Mr Corbyn’s confusing and baffling position on Brexit has also come firmly under the spotlight in recent weeks.

Last month he insisted a Labour Government, should they come into power, would take a “neutral” stance in a future referendum following mounting pressure to pick a side.

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The party’s Brexit policy would be to negotiate a new deal within three months of coming to power, before putting it to a referendum, alongside an option to remain in the EU, within six months.

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Both the Leave and Remain sides would then reject it, leaving Britain locked in the EU and having to pay billions of pounds to Brussels, potentially triggering a third referendum.

Mr Halligan said: “Jeremy Corbyn is ‘neutral’ on Brexit — the biggest issue the UK has faced in a generation.

“Yet his deliberately vague policy will leave Britain locked in EU exit paralysis. Millions of voters won’t be neutral about that.

“Labour claims it will ‘get Brexit sorted’ in six months — negotiating a new deal with Brussels, to be put to another referendum.

“Trying to have it both ways, Corbyn won’t tell us if Labour backs Leave or Remain.

“Boris Johnson secured an ‘oven ready’ exit deal. Corbyn reckons he can get a ‘much better’ EU deal.

“If the Eurocrats know a new agreement would be followed by a referendum, with an option to Remain, they’d make sure it was utterly terrible for Britain.”

He concluded more Brexit uncertainty “would leave Britain in the economic doldrums”.

The economist warned: “While our economy has held up quite well, the Brexit shenanigans of the past three years are now hitting growth and investment.

“More months and years in limbo land — over Brexit, and the break-up of the UK itself — would leave Britain deep in the economic doldrums.”

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