Jason Manford jokes about 'anal Covid swabs' in Glasgow while filming quiz show

Jason Manford is filming in Glasgow for his new quiz show and joked about receiving anal Covid-19 swabs.

The comedian, from Salford, has been in Scotland over the past few weeks as he hosts his brand new general knowledge show Unbeatable, which will air on BBC One later this year.

The tongue-in-cheek funnyman, 39, says he is required to take a Covid-19 test every day at work, but joked that English visitors were only one to get ‘anal swabs’.

He wrote on his official Facebook page: “Happy to take COVID tests every day to work here in in Glasgow but can’t help feeling they’re only using the anal swabs on English visitors! #EssentialSasannach.”

Jason Manford is filming in Glasgow for his new quiz show Unbeatable

He later added: “Well I started getting suspicious when I asked a colleague how she was finding hers and she said ‘I don’t mind them but they do make me gag’.

“I thought crikey, sounds like he’s sticking it too far up there to me!

“It’s when it goes up your nose afterward I dislike! But whatever I can do to keep folks safe.”

Quick-witted Scots were quick to share their humour on the situation, with some saying it’s a ‘Glasgow welcome’.

One wrote: “Welcome to Glasgow, now bend over!!”

Another commented: “You can borrow my husband’s kilt, easy access?”

A third added: “That’s just how they welcome people.”

Meanwhile, one person joked: “Bend over and think of England. Or Scotland.”

The comedian has been staying in a hotel overlooking the Clyde during his stay, which he says is ‘one of his favourite places’.

He recently asked fans for healthy eating options in the city and recently hired a rowing machine to exercise while holed up in his room.

Unbeatable, the new general knowledge based quiz hosted by Jason Manford, has been commissioned for BBC One afternoons.

Speaking about the new project, Jason said: “I know how important daytime quizzes are for a lot of people.

“I used to sit with my Nana Manford and mum watching them, they keep the brain going, they’re a chuckle and I’m really looking forward to being a part of this exciting brand new one.

“The great thing about Unbeatable is you don’t even need to know the actual answer to appear clever. I feel like this is the quiz show I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

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