Janice 21-2

Janice 21-2

The new Janice 21-22 collection has been released. Janice produces luxury womens streetwear, fashion statements for women who love life and the attention we put in our details. Clothes for women who love the fact that they are natural beauties and don’t take it all too seriously. Key Pieces and basics combined with colorful prints give an eclectic mix for every woman looking for a new favorite brand.

The collection is inspired by having a great year with huge increase of sales. The retailers of Janice are mega enthusiastic about the upcoming 21-2 collection

“We call it “The 21-2 Collection”…we don’t believe in SS21 and FW21…It’s better to name it “New Arrivals”, climate changes make it hard to know when the sun will shine or snow will fall.” says Janice.

Janice produces luxury streetwear for women that love fashion and details that can be worn all year around. With the change of your shoes and coat, you can turn your day wear look into evening wear and still feel comfortable.

“Sustainable clothes, made with love and green partners. We only work with people and companies who care about their employees and the world. Planet earth needs our care. We are the first generation who knows we can make a change…and maybe the last to do so…! We have good faith in this year, after every dip there will be a huge plus! We wanted to produce luxury garments that could be turned from daywear into an evening look. After harsh times, like we have with this pandemic, people tend to search for luxury itmes that they can use for a long time, can combine with everything, wear all year long. We have stopped making garments especially for Summer or Winter. Because of climate change, seasons are changing. We produce garments that can be worn all year round”, says Janice.

The main colors for this collection are grey, reen, burgundy, brown and blue.

“So good they can’t Ignore it…be your own muse’’, says Janice.

The collection will be delivered in 4 drops, which you buy in 2 appointments in the showroom. The deliveries will start in July/ August.

Janice is a Dutch brand that has its headquarters in Rosmalen, the Netherlands. Read more about Janice on the brand page:


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